Arctic Visions

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What’s the blog about?

Listening to music, collecting records, cuddling vinyl, spinning CDs, dreaming about hi-fi and a creating the occasional photograph – That’s pretty much what I do when I’m not busy making ends meet and dealing with life’s unpleasantries.

Who are you?

Just a 40 year old nobody living in the Norwegian Arctic. I’ve been playing guitar, piano and making photographs for most of my spare time since being a teenager, but am more interested in being a connoisseur of great art than being the creator of mediocre art.

What music do you like? 

Classic rock, progressive/experimental rock, contemporary jazz, hard bop, art rock, baroque and 20th century classical music, blues and the occasional pop tune, in more or less that order.

Care to namedrop a few favorites?

Keith Jarrett, Saga, Glenn Gould, Bach, Prokofiev, Miles Davis, Genesis, Brian Eno, Terje Rypdal, Black Sabbath, Robert Wyatt, Opeth, Vivaldi, Pat Metheny, Neil Young, Bill Evans, Dire Straits, Scott Walker, Arvo Pärt, Bill Frisell, Yo-Yo Ma, Ulver, Bill Bruford, Dream Theater, Steve Reich, in no particular order.

What’s your favorite album?

I really don’t have a clue. All I know is that I rarely approve of the usual suspects coming from the music critic establishment, but here’s an improvised list from the top of my head:

Neil Young: Harvest Moon
Bendik Hofseth: Planets, Rivers, and… IKEA
Camerata Bern & Thomas Zehetmair: Vivaldi’s Le Quattro Stagioni
Glenn Gould: Bach’s Goldberg Variations (1981 recording)
Pat Metheny Group: Imaginary Day
Megadeth: Countdown to Extinction
Miles Davis: Kind of Blue
Harold Budd & Brian Eno: The Plateux of Mirror
Black Sabbath: Volume 4
Band of Horses: Cease to Begin

However, I am pretty certain about my all time favorite song. It’s School by Supertramp. It’s almost perfect!

So how about hi-fi, photography and all that other stuff?

Well, I like great pictures and great sound, but I’ll get back at ya’.

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